March 6, 2023

Call for Application for Observers for the April 15th and May 20th Local Government  Elections

CONTEXT Local government elections are a fundamental aspect of democratic governance. They provide citizens with an opportunity to elect representatives who will be responsible for their basic provisions and make decisions that affect their daily lives. Local government is an essential component of any country’s governance structure asit serves as the primary level of government closest to the people. The CSO Coalition on Election with support from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is operationalizing an Election Situation Room (ESR) through the UNDP Elections Project. Thus, it is against this backdrop that the CSO Coalition on Election is calling for applications from CSOs to serve as Domestic Observers in the upcoming Local Government Elections. The CSO coalition on election monitoring and implementing activities for local government elections is significant in promoting transparency, accountability, voter education, inclusivity, and building the capacity of local CSOs. This coalition is a powerful force in ensuring that elections are conducted freely, fairly, and transparently. Shortlisted applicants will attend a […]
October 8, 2022


Journal of Development and Policy Research, Volume I / XXII(Sept.) Under the project, CSO Watchdog: strengthening transparency, accountability and resilience in The Gambia (STAR), funded by the European Commission, TANGO, as a co-implementer, will publish a peer-reviewed journal. The goal of this publication is to address policies by analyzing current […]