TANGO is committed to consolidating its position as a strong, dynamic and viable NGO consortium and to enhance the performance of its members as envisaged in its vision and mission. Hence the strategic direction of TANGO is focused on key areas: NGO capacity building, knowledge networking, advocacy and lobbying and coordination.

TANGO’s new strategy places a lot of emphasis on building the capacity of its members to more effectively take on advocacy and lobbying roles in addition to their routine programme implementation activities. This is deemed quite important given the changing roles of NGOs and other civil society organizations in the fulfillment of their political and socio-economic needs and rights.


  1. To consolidate TANGO’s position as a representative, dynamic and credible NGO consortium in the Gambia;
  2. To support member organizations to deliver effective, relevant and sustainable service in a participatory manner;
  3. To maintain a dynamic relationship with the Government and other stakeholders;
  4. To improve internal communications within the network of NGOs and facilitate links between TANGO members.