Thematic Areas

The rationale for the creation of the thematic groups is to empower TANGO as a coalition to effectively influence public policy and ensure coordinated development work in the Gambia.

TANGO is not a thematic coalition; rather it has a diverse membership of various themes. Thematic groups comprising TANGO and non-members have therefore been created to bring about better coordination, information sharing, and partnership building and ultimately ensure that the NGO community is recognized as a champion in policy and development work in the Gambia.

The creation of the groups also serves as a capacity building and accountability mechanism for TANGO as an organization to encourage peer review and critical assessment of one another’s interventions, programs and chart a way forward collectively and individually. It is envisaged that the rejuvenation and effective functioning of these groups will further demonstrate the relevance and value of TANGO in national development processes.

The five thematic working groups are as follows:

  • Gender, Poverty & Policy Issues
  • Climate, Agriculture, Land & Environment
  • Education and Life Skills
  • Youth, Child, Health & Population
  • Human Rights and Governance

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